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Tomba when he was just a puppy off three weeks old!! We both fell in love with him!!!!!!

Tomba working at agility.

He is really good at it!!!

Tomba won first price with agility!!!!

We were and are so very proud off him!!!

Tomba is also our gardener!!

He is always to be found for a photo session

General story about Tomba.

Tomba was born on 12-02-2001 at the kennel “Parastone’s” in the Netherlands.

He is a son of Tattoo and Spike.

Tomba is our first Amstaff we own together. He is a really great family dog.

That is the reason he has not been tested for several things. He is not a show dog and he is not available for stud.

Tomba did do different obedience courses with success. Also, Tomba is very good in agility. He even won a match!!

Tomba is great with puppy’s, he just love’s them!!!

Tomba is a very playful dog, who is very sensitive. He always feels someone’s mood. He has a great  “will to please”. He will really go through fire for us, and we will for him!!!!

On 24 April 2014 we had to make the difficult decision to put our beloved Tomba down, he had a disease there was no cure for. Tomba was a great Amstaff for us.


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Woods Forest EZ Chances R

Day off birth:  12-02-2001

Day off death:  24-04-2014  

Height: 57 cm

Weight: 26 kg

Breeder: P.Marks

Owner: Fred and Mascha

Parastone’s King Tomba


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