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We would like to thank a couple off people who helped us to get started with Smiling Amigo’s.

First we would like to thank Hans and Danijela de Bruin. They have trusted Panda to us. Because off Panda we have decided to get started on our own kennel name. So without them, there would not be Smiling Amigo’s.

We would also like to thank Lenny and Kaja. They have entrusted Angel to us. Angel and Panda will be the foundation off our kennel. A kennel is nowhere without a good female.

Of course we also want to thank our co-owners Denis and Nicole for their perfect care and love they give too Mexx. Thanks to you we can still go to the dogshow with Mexx and have him in our breeding program!!!!

We certainly don’t want to forget all the “Smiling Amigo’s” owners for taking such good careoff your dogs and loving them. Thanks for all the up-dates we get from you, we really enjoy it every time you send us a story or a photo!!!!!!

Off course a special thanks to all the judges who have appreciated our dogs on their

qualities. Because of you, shows are still a lot of fun ;)  !!!!!!!