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YCh. Smiling Amigo’S Magical Red


Day off birth:  18-12-2013

Height: 49,5 cm

Weight: 26 kg

Breeder: Fred and Mascha

Owner: Fred and Mascha

DNA tested

Ataxia clear by parents


ED  0

LOSH Breeding Permit

General story about Magic.

Magic was born on 18-12-2013 at our own kennel “Smiling Amigo’S”.

Magic  is a son off  Mikey from Slovenia and our own Angel.

We prepared us very good on our first litter with Angel and Mikey.

We had our eye on Mikey 2 years before the real breeding. And luckily we met him several times before the breeding. We also had the honor to have mikey in our home for a week. For this we can say we really know Mikey.

Magic was born last and had quite some starting difficulty. We thought a little while he would not make it. But magically he made it and how.... It was not very hard for us to come up with a name for him, Magical Red. He is Magical by two ways, at his birth , but also because off his colour red. We did not expect that colour.  

Magic was alsways the troublemaker off the litter and he is still full with temperament. He keeps us very busy hahahahahaha!!!!!  Magic just love the water, he is always near the pond.

Magic has a great will to please, he really wants to work for you.

Magic is off the Terrier type Amstaff. Unfortunately this type is not appreciated at the dogshows.

We think he is beautifull and he will certainly be used as a stud by us one day.

Magic is available as stud. There is also frozen semen available.



Belgium Youth Champion

Hopprins 2015

3th Best baby in show (SL)

3th Best puppy in show (BE)

5th Best puppy in show (NL)

3th Best youth in show (BE)

Best Youth Male Dutch Specialty

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Magic with Thibeau relaxing!!!!!!

Magic 6 month

Magic as a true Smiling Amigo’S

Magic together with his sisters and brothers just before everybody is leaving.

Magic on stage at the Brabo dogshow

in Antwerpen, Belgium

3th Best Baby in Show!!!!!

Magic 18 mnd

Magic playing with his


Magic with his mother and