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Day off birth:  23-12-2011

Height: 51.5 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Breeder: John  Glenn

Owner: Fred and Mascha

Sloveens Youth Clubwinner 2012

German Youth Champion VDH

German Youth Champion DCBT

“VDH Fruhjahr Jugend sieger” 2013


Copyright Smiling Amigo’s 2010 / 2016 © Alle rechten voorbehouden.

Y CH Wild West’s Red Headed Stranger


DNA Tested

Ataxia clear


ED  OFA 0/1

General story about BJ.

BJ was born on 23-12-2011 at the kennel  “Wild West” owned by John and Vicky in the USA.

BJ is a son of Cloe and Lucky.

We thought off the name BJ in honor to his breeder, Buddy John...BJ....

BJ came to live with us at the age of 5,5 months. To that time he lived with his breeder, John Glenn, in beautiful California.

Lenny Mahdaoui, off kennel “The Kids Best Frends” , wanted a puppy off John Glenn. BJ’s brother Gunner. John had too males that he wanted to go to Europe. And he asked us if we wanted BJ.

We thought it would be nice to get a new male in our kennel.  So we decided to take BJ in or home. Gunner and BJ came from America to Amsterdam together.

BJ is a very sweet and happy boy. He loves to cuddle. He gets along great with all our other dogs, but sometimes he likes to be on his own.

Sometimes BJ is a difficult eater, but fortunate there´s always another dog around that will eat his dinner, so that we never have to throw anything away hahahahahaha!!!!!

BJ is not used to showing yet, he thinks the surroundings are more fun, so we have to practice a lot!!!!!

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BJ 3 weeks old at John and Vicky in the USA!!!

BJ and Angel together at the beach

When you can’t find BJ......look near

the pond.....He is always there!!!

John Glenn together with BJ on a dogshow

at Austria!!!!!  We had a great time!!!!

BJ is always in for a cuddle!!!!!

This was in May 2013, after a show at  

St Gallen, Swiss.

BJ among the meiden!!!!!

BJ as “puppysit”